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28 Apr 2020

Troubleshooting in ERP5 instances (Keep Updating)

I feel so frustrated that I have the super power to destroy every instance…so I'm gonna write all the errors down. Here we go…

1. Unauthorized access to path…

The re-install mentioned below means that delete the bt5 an intall it due to the Unauthorized Error like:

Unauthorized: Unauthorized access to path ‘/srv/slapgrid/slappart12/srv/runner/instance/slappart5/software_release/parts/erp5/bt5/erp5_smart_assistant’. It is NOT in your Zope home instance.

2. Another Unauthorized Error

As long as I Subscribed to Timer Service to portal_alarm, this error raises minute by minute. My way is to unsubscribe it, but I do need the alarm to validate File “/srv/slapgrid/slappart12/srv/runner/software/b0320329801124f51f1164b656936626/parts/erp5/product/ERP5/Document/Alarm.py”, line 111, in activeSense raise Unauthorized(‘fixing problems or activating a disabled alarm is not allowed’)

Unauthorized: fixing problems or activating a disabled alarm is not allowed

3. worklist gadget doesn't work since the first day I have the instance.

worklist gadget is in erp5_knowladge_pad, which I already have (this bt5 is intalled by default as a erp5). I re-installed the bt5, which didn't work, but at least display the title of this gadget, before, there were only few on the list. However, when I select “ERP5 Worklists” gadget to add, it raises a KeyError:

  • Module script, line 5, in KnowledgePad_addBoxList
    <PythonScript at /erp5/KnowledgePad_addBoxList>
    Line 5
    knowledge_pad = context.restrictedTraverse(active_pad_relative_url)
  • Module OFS.Traversable, line 317, in restrictedTraverse
    return self.unrestrictedTraverse(path, default, restricted=True)
  • Module OFS.Traversable, line 285, in unrestrictedTraverse
    traceback_info: ([], ‘91’)
    raise e

well, I tried ERP5Site_reindexAll?clear_catalog=1 to reindex my erp5, which still doesn't work. Note: It happened to me once lately, reindex worked that time. And I really don't feel it's due to my code or my not-right-way installation(I assume the my installation way is right).

4. ExpatError: not well-formed (invalid token) while installing Business Template

You probably used “&” (ampersand) in a property of an object which was included in the template (like “Research & Development Department”). Don't - it is a known bug in ERP5 BT mechanism.

If the error message states that the error occurred in “line 0 column 1”, and you are installing the template from url, chances are you had opened one of the xml files in Vim, and either you didn't close it (leaving .swp file), or you edited the file (which leaves a temp file). The system tries to parse all files there are, and Vim swap and temporary files cause this error. Anyway, check you .xml files, there must be some syntax error errors.

5. RuntimeError: tic is looping forever.

These messages are pending: [('/erp5_portal_97ad677fdc3692c02e03838b9465053d/portal_simulation’, ‘InventoryModule_reindexMovementList’, -3, 6), … Appears when lauching runUnitTest. The database is allready in use by other instance of zope on the server. In my rude way, I just cleared all the activities, it works anyhow.

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